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Dream #6

A Brief Memoir of
William Byron Hillman
Actor, Filmmaker, Husband, Father, Author, Composer

The beginning
The Scramble
The Search
The Career
The Ultimate Discovery

A crazy yet true story that covers teen marriage, agoraphobia, adoption, desertion, building an acting and filmmaking career and keeping it all together.

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Paperback ISBN# 9781491282571

eBook ISBN# 13-978-0-9706234-2-3


REVIEW – 5-STARS – A REAL SURPRISE. I don't usually gravitate to this type of book but being familiar with the author I decided to give it try. I find that most biographical works leave me feeling like a voyeur peeking into the windows of someone else's life. This book did not leave that feeling. Instead it was warm and touching making me laugh and cry right along with the author and his family. I was initially apprehensive with the large portion of the book dedicated to the search for the birth family of the author’s wife. Being an adoptive parent and having to keep beating back the fear that an adopted child will run back to the fantasy biological parents after years of love and sacrifice to make sure that an adopted child knows how special and loved they truly are made that area of the book a little frustrating in the beginning. However, the author appeared to have a wonderful grasp of that fear and dealt with the topic in a touching and compassionate way. This book is a "MUST" read for adoptive parents and adoptees alike.

REVIEW: 5 Stars. Acting takes talent. Marrying someone with agoraphobia takes patience and total commitment to match the meaning of true love. Dealing with adoption and the loss of birth parents can bring down the best of personalities with fear of desertion. Finding your birth mother after a 30-year search is not only incredible it’s near impossible. Combining all of the above and still able to build a career in the motion picture industry tells us, the reader, that this is a very special man so deeply in love he lets nothing stop him or drag him away from his commitment. This book is breathtaking and should be on everyone’s list.

5-STARS: REVIEW: It takes guts to be an actor, knowledge to make films and talent to write stories. Here’s a book about a guy who marries his high school sweetheart and toughs it out against all the odds. It would have been so easy to just walk away and build a career. The road traveled did no such thing. I couldn’t explain all that happens to this couple if I tried, but after reading it I felt as though I should stand up and applaud. This is much more than a biography – it’s a great read.

REVIEW: It’s hard to believe anyone would put themselves through this, but apparently this man isn’t a member of the norm. WOW – I gave it 5-Stars.

REVIEW: I hate biographies! There, that said, this isn’t anywhere close to just a biography, it’s a history lesson of true love and determination. Add a bit of devotion, detective work and a drive to never give up and you have a unique story to tell. This is one of those books. It’s a positive 5-star read. A friend read it and suggested I give it a look. Reluctantly, after listening to her rant and rave about the story, I decided to check it out. It starts slow. I almost put it down, but I kept hearing the voice of my friend saying how much she loved it. I dug in and didn’t realize how late it was when I finished reading it in one sitting. It’s his life, but the author has a way of “talking” to the reader and you come away feeling he’s an old friend of the family. I’m now reading some of his other books.