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I am a proud member of
The Writers Guild of America
(W.G.A. for over 40 years)

I sold my first screenplay EMPTY COTTON BUTTERFLIES to Four Star International when I was 19 years old and still studying at UCLA. I went on to sell scripts to Sam Katzman, Burt Topper, Sam Arkoff and a host of other film producers. Most of my early work didn't go into production, it was used for content.

I joined the Writers Guild of American when I sold The Man From Clover Grove and it went into production.

I developed scripts for other companies and served as a script reader at Universal Studios and MGM Studios until The Photographer went into production.

At times you get hired to write and develop concepts, TV shows or features for independent producers and studios. You can spend months on end writing words that never see the light of day. The pay is so good you don't mind, but the long absences from the active market can be career crushers.

I don't know how many times I was asked if I retired or left the business.

I didn't - I was being paid full time as a writer and kept off the market.

I developed a series at Universal Studios that took over a year in total. I wrote a concept, created a potential series and then completed one full season of scripts. It kept getting delayed and eventually after the studio spent a fortune in development, got cancelled.

Here is a list of feature films of which I wrote story and screenplay:

"Quigley" – Director/Writer/Producer – April 2006 Rated G
Gary Busey, Oz Perkins, Curtis Armstrong, Christopher Atkins,
Caryn Greenhut, Jessica Ferrarone, Jillian Clare, Galvin Chapman
U.S. Home Video Goodtime Entertainment/Gaiam 2009
Presently sold over 4,000,000 units
Current Distribuion – Leomark Studios

"The Adventures Of Ragtime" aka "Barclay’s Big Adventure"-Director/Writer
Shelley Long, Jay Thomas, Justin Cooper, Perry King
Michelle Joyner, George Murdock, Richard Brooks
US – Release by UAV 2006 – Rated G
Foreign - Showcase Entertainment – Released Winter 2005

"Double Exposure" - Director/Writer/Producer Rated R
Michael Callan, Seymour Cassel, James Stacy, Cleavon Little
Joanna Pettet, Pamela Hensley
Live Entertainment

"Lovelines" – Story by & Screenplay – Rated PG-13
Greg Bradford, Mary Beth Evans, Michael Winslow
Tri-Star – Columbia Studios

"The Man From Clover Grove" - Writer/Director/Producer Rated G
Ron Masak, Rose Marie, Cheryl Miller, Richard Deacon,
Stu Gilliam, Joe Higgins, Paul Winchell, Buddy Lester
American Cinema Releasing (theatrical) Media Home Entertainment
Current Distributor: Leomark Studios

"The Master" - Director/Writer/Producer – Rated R
Victor Vega, Jon Lee, Mary Ho, Sam Key
ToHo International Pictures

"The Photographer" - Director/Writer/Producer – Rated PG
Michael Callan, Spencer Milligan, Harold Stone,
Edward Andrews, Jed Allan, Barbara Nichols
DEG Releasing

"Ragin Cajun" (aka Loner) - Director/Writer/Producer – Rated PG
David Heavener, Charlene Tilton, Sam Bottoms,
Alan Rich, Rick Zumwalt, Allene Walker, Benny Uriguides
American International Pictures

"The Trail Ride" – (Documentary) Director/Writer – Rated G
Bob Hillerbrand, Halley Smothers, Hank Mallard
Gulf Western Releasing

"Betta - Betta" – (aka Oddly Coupled) Writer/Co-Producer
Adam Janas, Sparky Abrams, Kathleen Johnson
Cinema Releasing

Partial List of Screenplays Sold but Not Produced

"Thetus" – (Documentary) Director/Writer
William Rachels Productions
Bobby Wilson, Any Petersen
Embellish Releasing

"Campus Call" - Pre-Production writer
William Hayes, Mark Flannery, Barbara Wilison

"The Hobo" – Writer
Uber Nah, Semsi Wholder, Yan Tai
Hans Petersen Productions - Munich, Germany

"One Man Alone" - Writer
Sandi Graten, Robert Marren, Barbara Sims
El Lobo International
HenMex Productions International

"Empty Cotton Butterflies" – Writer
Hal Turner, Stan Flowes, Hidi Wilson, Tammy Mason
Four Star International
Cinema Releasing

Feature Film Screenplays (sold outright and never produced)

"Additive The Perfect Crime" - Writer
Gold Hill Pass Ltd. - New York

"Silent Changes" - Writer
William Rachels Productions - Tennessee

"Inspector Bruce" - Writer
Bruce International - Hong Kong

"Why Me" - Writer
Alan Sharpe Entertainment

"Slate Passage" - Writer

Feature Film Screenplays Available and/or are In Current Development

"Izzy's Story" (production ready)
"Quigley 2" (production ready)
"Get Her" (production ready)
Night Scavengers (production ready)
"Santa's Village" (available screenplay)
"Lost at Christmas" (available screenplay)
"Almost Ruined Christmas" (available screenplay)
"Franklin" (screenplay available)
"El Doblo" (final screenplay available)
"Joey" (final screenplay available)
"Flash" (final Screenplay)
"Stopped By" (production ready)
"The Season" (final screenplay available)
"The Incomers" (final screenplay available)
"Third Key" (final screenplay available)
"Veronique and Murray" (final screenplay available)
"Flying Saucer" (available screenplay)
"Strangers" (screenplay available)
"Fatal Decision" (in development)
"Creature of Habit" (first draft screenplay available)

Story and/or treatments in development
"End of Time"
"A Moment of Truth"
"One Count"
"The Hand"
"Classy Trash"
"Rolling Out"

Television Series Screenplays - Movies – Specials

"Ghosts and Phantoms" - TV series

"Scene Of The Crime" – Video Game Writer (13 episodes)

"Disco Theque" - Writer/Director
Pilot Script ABC

"Social Injustice" – Writer (22 episodes)
Universal Studio

"Babe Lucheski" - Writer
Pilot Script CBS

"Second Chance" - Writer
Universal Studios (3 Episodes)

Award Winning Documentaries

"Money" - Director/Writer/Producer/Narrator
Glendale Federal and the Xerox Corp.

National Television Commercials – Infomercials:

"Quigley The Movie" 2006 thru 2009

"Klin Brite" - Director/Writer
Taiho Industries Co. Ltd

"No Touch" - Director/Writer/Producer
Taiho Industries Co. Ltd

"Clear Brite" - Director/Writer/Producer
Taiho Industries Co. Ltd.

"Prac-Ti-Bat" - Director/Writer
Hit‘em Corporation

Music Videos

"Jackal" - Director/Writer
"Gold Coast Handbook"
"Angeles" - Director/Writer
"Animal Alphabet Book"