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The Rollie Kemp Series started with a touch of a true story and grew from there.

Is where Rollie was born. He's bigger than life and his new partner Drake Fargo is door-sized large. The two men argue, shoot straight, and get into and out of trouble with ease. Reviews have been sensational.



REVIEW – A highly entertaining 5-star read. SIZZLING Mob Thriller – quirky characters, brilliantly crafted and highly entertaining. I couldn’t put the book down. This is what a thriller is all about and the author knows the mob & the FBI well. As you read, take careful notice of Rollie's grand parents, his ex-wife, his mob relations, & his new set of friend’s. As the book unfolds, the reader sees the serious darker side of Rollie's life that molded him into the man he becomes. As a reader, you are enmeshed in the story from the git-go. The author gave them realistic personalities at different times serious, funny, drunk with power and dead with death.

NEW REVIEW: 5-STAR EXCITEMENT I couldn’t put the book down. This is what a thriller is all about.

Rollie Kemp, the protagonist, a well-drawn character with complexity & inner demons to last through many more stories.

The cliffhanger ending made me want to immediately buy the next book in the series to see how it all turned out.

William Byron Hillman is an exceptional writer. He creates fully-realized & believable characters Dialogue is spot on.

I like this author's style. The storyline is serious, but the author tells it with wit and with charm when necessary.

In the beginning, we are introduced to a blond, female, professional assassin casing her next victim. She is The Watcher. This is the start of an action ride that continues throughout the novel.

GHOSTS AND PHANTOMS I was well received and climbed into the top 25 on Amazon's Best Seller list. It was enough of a lift to write the second Rollie Kemp Mystery and since I left the first book with a cliff-hanger and some unanswered questions - I picked the story up in part 2.

Book #2 in the Series

Ghosts3 copy4


Viewed in its entirety, "Ghosts" is a very entertaining action story with surprisingly detailed characters.

THRILLING 5-STARS: She watched them die. They were dead, so how could they still be alive?

Loved it! 5-Star action. Author Hillman originally conceived these books as a screenplay. Action scenes, like the shootout, are well staged.

NEW 5-star REVIEW: Author Hillman knows how to write action scenes and keeps it moving nicely.

BOOK #3 in the Series



Hot Damn! 5-Stars - Couldn't put it down! One explosive action packed thriller - right from page one.

Love this book! Rollie Kemp and his partner are larger than life characters, literally. Rollie is six foot five and his partner Drake Fargo is six foot eight.

REVIEW: Rollie is the kind of guy who does not like people poking him in the chest and telling him what is what.

OMG 5-star reading at its best. Rollie Kemp is limitless in his search for April and her father's killers. The mystery did not die with Mr. Bradberry.

After April visits her dad in Los Angeles, he is killed. The adventure shifts to South Carolina where it gets exciting from the get go. April disappears and Rollie is hired to find her. If you love action, one sexy guy and heart pounding action - this one is for you.

I liked the twist and turns and am looking forward to reading the next book about Rollie and Drake as the story is not finished.

REVIEW: I really liked this book I didn't want to stop reading it until I finished I really loved Rollie he is great.

Book #4 in the Series



REVIEW: 5-stars There are few books written about Hollywood that actually resonate with reality. Loved it.

REVIEW 5 stars Great read

Most books written about Hollywood don't know anything about the town or the mystery around it. This author knows all about the film industry and the mysteries surrounding it. Talk about character development, these characters get into your heart and tug at your strings. The book was a great read. 5-STARS for everything you look for in a great mystery/thriller. Couldn't put it down.

REVIEW: I'd give this one 6-stars if I could. Two main plots on a collision course brilliantly brought together because the characters are well developed.

REVIEW: WOW!!! There is a huge amount of research that has gone into the book that I always enjoy.

REVIEW: Oh my, action plus a story that makes sense. Hard to put down. I love this guy Rollie, he's bigger than life. The author brought in enough detail for me to believe that these characters just might be real.

Book #5 in the Series



REVIEW: SIZZLING 5 STAR PAGE TURNER Hoax is the fifth in the Rollie Kemp Mystery series.

A blazing chase ensues which speed us into the mystery at hand and the present day need for immediate action.

Kidnappers notified the FBI first, but their message said only Rollie can come after the girl, or they will kill her.

REVIEW: 5-STARS: The book has a little of everything you’d expect from a well-written thoroughly detailed mystery/thriller. Can’t wait to read the next Rollie Kemp Mystery.

REVIEW Another Rollicking read from William Byron Hillman When will a sharp-eyed producer buy the film serial rights?

5-star Review: William Byron Hillman does it again. A breathless romp through the seamier side of life where life is cheap.

REVIEW: The style of writing is as hot as the story, and a great addition to the series. Keep 'em coming William!

5-STAR REVIEW: The author, William Byron Hillman, has a way of creating characters you either love or hate and certainly come away wanting to know more about each one.

REVIEW: Gotta love a thriller like this one. The story propels you at record speed to the surprise ending you never saw coming.

We can’t help thinking the ex-wife, Kali, knows more than she should and just when you have it all figured out you discover how wrong you are.

REVIEW: The title warns the reader to look for cracks in the veneer. 5-STARS - Who can you believe or trust? Could it be FBI agent Jake Meyers or the thug known as Mouse? Maybe? Then you guess?

REVIEW - 5-STARS+ - You to feel like you’ve known the characters for years. You want to know, trust and understand each, but soon learn why Rollie doesn’t trust anyone.

Every character you meet along the way is well defined and exposes his or her background, a gift this author has.

5-STARS - A late night call from his theatrical agent, Mildred, starts the engine. An unknown assailant kidnapped her niece. The story explodes from there and grows into an International global manhunt. Impossible to put down. This one would make a great movie.


Noah's Story Book 1


REVIEW: I believe this book could make it into the top tier of books. Love Romantic Thriller/Mysteries full of Suspense? Here is a tormented spellbinding book you will love. Cheating life, vivid crime spree, awe-inspiring thriller mixed with an emotional sexual encounter. One of year’s most sexy, vivid, complex 5-STAR stories – Noah and Sophie yank your heartstrings apart. I absolutely loved the storyline and characters arcs. HATS OFF to the author for weaving such a wonderful, exciting tale. One of the sweetest, emotional thrillers I’ve ever read. Absolutely loved it. Of all the thrillers I’ve read, this one stands alone. I thoroughly recommend you put this on your books to read list.

REVIEW: I absolutely loved the storyline and characters arcs. I give the story & characters a solid 5 stars.

Noah's story - walking in a cloud of dust searching for his life - the one that's been erased. 5-Star Review - great story, surprise ending and yet you know there is more coming. WOW.

Spellbinding romantic violent action packed adventure A Thrilling mystery that’s impossible to put down 5-star review.

REVIEW - 5-stars - Love Thriller/Mystery reeking with Romantic Suspense? Here is a tormented spellbinding book you will love. I can see this story on the big screen by just shutting my eyes. Kept me up all night and I came away wanting more.

5-STAR REVIEW Noah's story is tragic yet filled with hope, his fight to survive life's injustices is awe inspiring. This is what a romantic mystery thriller is all about. The story is so complex and yet complete. The characters so real you truly believe you know them. A canvas so well painted you quickly learn once evil always darkly hopeless, and the flip side is good and just gets better.

REVIEW: 5-STARS – Action, romantic, adventurous, tragic and brilliantly crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat. One minute your heart is pounding and the next you have tears in your eyes. This is a well-written mystery with believable characters you either love or hate. The book is one of the most sexy, vivid, awe-inspiring thrillers of the year. Noah and Sophie will yank your heartstrings apart, while Lester will feed your brain cells - begging for revenge. I thoroughly recommend you put this on your books to read list. I loved it.

REVIEW: This wonderful story had me in tears at times; if you like crime thrillers with a twist you're going to love this one.

REVIEW: Horrific crime violent mix with FBI excitement and a ton of emotion. Come let Noah and Sophie tug at your heart while hating Lester and hoping beyond hope