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Mystery/Romance Novels

It's rewarding to write about romance, humor and then toss in some mystery and bizarre characters.


I had such fun writing this book and was overwhelmed by how quickly it gathered fans all over the world. It raced to the top on Amazon and stayed in the top 100 for over a year. I couldn't have been happier and thank everyone who enjoyed the book.



I so enjoyed the storyline of this book. The twists and turns, the characters and plot were really entertaining.

REVIEW: Oh such fun making it a rambling tale of romance, a comedy of errors, really stupid bad guys, and a makeover. I'd give this 6 stars if I could. Loved every page and wanted more. And the dog ….

REVIEW - 5-STAR READ - How does a beautiful rich woman avoid deportation? She rents a husband and that's when the fun begins. The kidnappers are hysterical goons and so real. Loved it.

REVIEW - OMG 5-STARS and more. She had it all, wealth, looks & prosperity He had a dog-named Harold. She needed a pretend husband & he needed a life. The creeps are creepy fun and the guy from immigration is so funny. This book takes you on a journey and even with the mystery keeps you up at night reading it.

REVIEW - 5-star fun. Takes more than beauty and money and even great sex to create a romance. Kidnappers, goons, a dreadful father, horrible past, and it almost all went for nothing. Enter Murray and Harold and her world changes. It couldn't get any more romantic. I want this guy and I'll take his dog Harold any day of the week. This is a must on your book list.

REVIEW: 5-Stars – Move over Daniel Steel – Glorious adventure in global epic style. You fall in love with all the characters, even the bad ones. It's sexy, adventurous, mysterious and very satisfying. The story wanders all over the world and you wish you could join them. Loved the fights, screaming, and the danger. What more can you ask for in a great, well-written romantic mystery so full of thrilling events and must go back and read it again.

Next came LET'S SUE 'EM and it started from an actual event I was a huge part of. I still laugh thinking about the mishaps and had to put it down on paper to see it others felt the same way.




REVIEW: Two of my favorite quotes from this book: “Love comes and goes in a shallow form and requires constant maintenance. As any fine-tuned engine, the body craves pampering and acknowledgement. It’s hard to imagine doing it all alone and missing the little moments that make you laugh. Without sharing happiness, regardless of what travels through the hills and valleys of life, there would be chaos without humor.” The second: “When you learn the craft of listening, relationships’ blossom, partnerships prosper, friendships become lasting, and the inner love becomes satisfied.”

REVIEW: As any fine-tuned engine, the body craves pampering and acknowledgement.

REVIEW: Enjoyable humorous 5-star afternoon read. I enjoyed the plot & dialogue and will explore more books from this author.

REVIEW: Very fast paced with many events happening in rapid succession, but definitely not predictable. Loved it and couldn't stop from laughing out loud.

5-Star REVIEW - Doug has done it again. How easy to become a fool and then a hero. Without a snooping wife where would he be?

Fast paced, funny, charming characters, intrigue and wit.

This book should be a movie. The characters are a developed TV series. Fun, laugh out loud mystery. Hard to put down.

REVIEW - As the crow flies, lies travel faster Unique hidden angry secrets+romantic Southern mystery.

REVIEW: Started reading in the morning and couldn’t put it down. Loved it. Read the sneak peek 4 sequel & can’t wait.

REVIEW: Haven’t laughed out loud reading a book in years, but Doug and his wife have a way of triggering hidden charm.

ONE LIE, ok, maybe it was a big one that got everyone in trouble, just one fib the wife caught. Pure southern delight

REVIEW UK-5 stars The flirting games Loved the book and once you get started had to read it all. Great story, plenty of fun and worth the read.

REVIEW: 5-STARS: Witty, charming and lies that create belly laughter. Hollywood needs this type of material.

REVIEW: It’s awkward finding out the past has come back to haunt you when you only make one stupid, albeit simple mistake.