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I am an American born filmmaker, actor, published author of 16 novels, composer and public speaker. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and educated at Oklahoma Military Academy and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
During my entertainment career I had the opportunity of befriending CIA and FBI agents who opened a world of unbelievable stories and unusual characters for my war chest. Many of these whimsical screwballs became the source material for most of my screenplays, TV plots, and manuscripts. Adding to that joyful mix, my acting and filmmaking career created a plethora of background material.
Unlike many authors, I bounce from genre to genre. I walked away from a fractured, dysfunctional family who had ties to major crime families and fell in love with the entertainment industry.
I enjoy writing mystery/thrillers, romantic mysteries, children's books, and literary drama as long as it has a twist that will hook the audience.
I molded the Rollie Kemp private detective character after my dearly departed friend and colleague, John, who served our nation as an FBI/Homicide Detective, and CIA agent. I told John before he passed, what I intended to do and had his blessing to make Rollie all that he is. The Rollie Kemp series is sold all over the world and one day will become a movie or TV series.
I'm never surprised when I discover what some people do for a living. I've been a people watcher my entire life. There are some amazing characters out there.
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