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Are you a writer looking to take the next step?
Is your book, treatment or screenplay ready to submit?

I sold my first screenplay at the age of nineteen. When I started things were much different then today. Scripts were bought and taken off the market based on ideas in the story. They were purchased to use not produce. As a result me along with many young writers, survived selling screen rights for little money only to see some of the work appear in another film with someone else's name on the screen.

The number of screenplays I've sold exceeds 60. I stopped counting.The word "sold" is a misnomer that can actually mean optioned, purchased, polished and produced. What is important is how many go into production. That's when the payday happens. My agents sold numerous treatments and screenplays on my behalf and most enjoyed different stages of development. Few made it into a final screenplay stage. At times you get paid to write screenplays, but the end result comes down to who gets the screen credit. You never stop wondering if you will be the only screenwriter or just one of many names. Worse, would my work get a final polish that changed so much of my original work that I end up with no screen credit at all? It happens.

I developed screenplays at studios, networks, indy and major producers. Most earned a nice payday, but only a handful got the green light and actually were produced and released. There are levels of writing. It starts with an idea, becomes a treatment you pitch and then hope it gets optioned or you get hired to turn your treatment into a screenplay.

I understand how hard it is. I was a studio reader. In most cases your attention lasts for 5 to 10 pages. If you're not hooked by then, chances are slim the screenplay will be read in its entirety.

The pitch can last from 5 to 10 seconds or turn into a meeting that lasts for hours.

Once you get the gig doesn't mean you'll receive a big pay day, not yet. There are many stages to selling a screen story or screenplay. Even If you are blessed to write the script, or a version thereof, it doesn't mean your name will make it to the screen.

What happens next is a mystery. You have to be ready for anything - including stepping away (with a check in hand) and turn your baby over to another writer or team of writers. You must be willing to play the game, accept the rewards and write on.

Today the market is sophisticated and protected. That doesn't mean your work is protected - you must do that yourself.

Have you written something and wonder if it's good enough to take the next step? Is your treatment or screenplay any good? Is it in the right form?

I provide all the "what ifs" when I consult.

Is your concept commercial?

Does the mechanics of your story work?

How do you protect yourself?

I answer most questions when I consult on a project and help guide writers to find their market and audience.

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I do not offer editing services for screenplays, novels or treatments.


I examine your story development, the concept creation and then give you a detailed analysis of your work.

I will read your work and offer suggestions to make it commercial.

To go into the body of your work I deliver a detailed written report;

Treatment Reading and Story Analysis:
Screenplay Reading and Story Analysis:
Screenplay Polishing Concepts:
Novel Reading and Story Analysis:

For detailed page-by page breakdown analysis of your work:

Characters & Script Development:
Novel Breakdown:

Let me help you reach your goal and force you to write at a commercial level

All work must be in PDF form. I do not accept original Word Docs or the only copy in the world.

Protect your work first. If you don't know how to do that, contact me by email. I must see proof you protected your work before I read it.

All payments are made through PayPal.

Questions? Send me an email or private message on Facebook. I answer all as quickly as possible.

Be patient. I work quickly, but I also work thoroughly.